Good Friday Fish & Chips

Apr 13, 2017

Friday 14th April sees us celebrate Good Friday, a hugely important date in the christian calendar.  But why do we traditionally eat fish and chips on Good Friday?

The bible tells us that on Good Friday Jesus died on the cross.  Theologians tell us that he sacrificed his flesh in order that us mortal souls might be forgiven for our own sins. It has become a tradition for some, to abstain from “flesh” on Good Friday because as one catholic put it, Jesus sacrificed his flesh and thus the eating of fish on Good Friday has become the custom for many.

Many eat fish and chips on Good Friday without really knowing why.   Although fish and chip restaurants and takeaways are usually very busy.

This Good Friday, Debbie and Rachel’s Plaice will be open all day, from 11.30am until 8pm.  Don’t forget you can phone us with your order in advance, on  01325 733330 but remember we don’t accept credit or debit cards.

Please note we will be enjoying a short rest next week  and will be closed, as usual Sunday 16th and Monday 17th and additionally, Tuesday and Wednesday, re-opening Thursday 20th April.