Debbie and Rachel's Plaice

Handmade traditional fish and chips in Gainford
Opening Times

Debbie’s Meal Deal

Fish Bites £6.50 Scampi with Salad £6.50
Fish Cake £4.50 Pie £5.00
Mini Fish £6.50 Chicken Nuggets £6.50
Sausage £5 Chicken Breast Burger £5.00
  Veggie Burger £5.00
All meal deals are served with chips and a choice of peas, curry sauce, beans or gravy.  Add a can to your meal for only 85p.

Fish and Chips

Cod £5.40 Chicken Nuggets £4.50     with dip
Haddock £7.50 Scampi £5.00
Chips £2.40 Sausage, small £1.00
Chips, small £2.00 Pie £2.50
Chip Butty Splash* £3.00 Battered Sausage £2.00
Mini Fish £6.00 Fish Cake £2.00
Fish Bites £5.00 Spam Fritter £2.00
*Served with choice of peas, beans, gravy, mayonnaise,etc.

Kids Meal Deals £3.50*


Chicken Nuggets  Chips and Cheese £3.75
Sausages  Bolognaise, Chips and Cheese £5.00
Fish Bites   Chicken Burger in Bun £2.80
Scampi  Veggie Burger and Bun £2.80
Chip Butty
*All served with a choice of juice, chips and either gravy, peas or beans.

Chicken Parmesan

Fish Parmesan

Chicken Parmo £8.00 Fish Parmo £9.00
Garlic and Mushroom £9.00 Fish & Garlic Mushroom £9.00
Hot Shot Parmo £9.00
Bolognaise Parmo £9.00
Spicy Bolognaise £9.00
Hawaiian £9.00


Extra Portions

Curry Sauce £1.00 Onion Rings* £2.00
Mushy Peas £1.00 Battered Mushrooms* £2.00
Gravy £1.00 Pineapple Rings 2* £2.00
Baked Beans £1.00 Cans £1.00
Garlic Mayonnaise 80p
BBQ Sauce 80p
Sweet Chilli Sauce 80p *All served with a free sauce. Choice of tomato, garlic, sweet chilli, BBQ or mayonnaise.

Please note we do not take cheques.

We accept all major credit and debit cards.